Every year at EPFL we organize numerous events and practical workshops that help us share knowledge and create a community of actors on the diverse bioinspired topics.

Calendar 2018.

  • 26th June – Bioinspired Robotics Seminar with Elias Knubben, Festo Bionic Network Director

Calendar 2017.

  • 2nd March – Salont d’innovation et technologie de Lausanne  – Booth with a dozen of bioinspired EPFL technologies and a series of 3 conferences
  • 7th March 17-20h, EPFL room BC 420 – Bioinspired Materials Technology Apero, co-organized with CCMX
  • 16th March – EPFL Industry Day – one to one discussions with companies
  • 24th March – Geneva Global Goals Innovation Day – workshop in collaboration with UNAid and Biomimicry Switzerland
  • 1-2nd April – European Biomimicry Alliance workshop, Italy
  • 29-30 June BiomimExpo, Senlis – EPFL Bioinspired technologies booth and talk
  • 4-5th July – Ideas Days Grenoble – presentation
  • 1st to 3rd September – EPFL Drone Days. We will be present to showcase bioinspired drones with foldable wings, that are crash resistant and that cooperate.
  • 2nd to 3rd September – Zurich Zoo Open Days. Together with Univ. of Fribourg and ETHZ, EPFL scientist will be exposing their bioinspired technologies in the Zurich Zoo, next to the organisms that inspired them
    • prof. Veronique Michaud will be talking about here turtle shell inspired skis surrounded by zoos reptiles
    • Alessandro Crespi will be taking his Envirobot for a swim in the Zoo’s Lake.
  • 28th September – EPFL Bioinspired Technologies for Health Seminar, with Johnson&Johnson
  • 5th October – talk at WWF Zurich
  • 31st October – TechDay at Gymnasium Burier
  • 9th November – Talk by Darja Dubravcic on EPFL’s Bioinspired Technologies at La Ferme des TilleulsRenens 
  • 14th December – Talk by prof. M. Graetzel on Plant inspired solar cells at La Ferme des Tilleuls, Renens​​​​​​​
Calendar 2016.