EPFL has established relationships with a wide range of international scientific institutions, industrial partners and NGOs that work in the field of bio-inspired research and innovation. We want to capitalize on these relationships to further develop and promote for bioinspired research, education and innovation.


Swissponic (smart technologies for growing food at home)

Sahara Forest Project (creating profitable innovation and environmental solutions within the food, water and energy sector)

Stockli (turtle inspired ski’s – in collaboration with prof. Veronique Michaud)

Neurobat (energy efficient heating control systems based on artificial neuronal networks and genetic algorithms)

Research Institutions

NCCR Bioinspired Materials, Fribourg, CH

MELiSSA (Micro-Ecological Life Support System Alternative), European Space Agency and MELiSSA Foundation


Biomimicry Switzerland, CH

Europena Biomimicry Alliance

Centre Européen d’Excellence en Biomimétisme de Senlis (CEEBIOS), Senils, France

World Health Organization, Geneva, CH