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floreano flexible drone insect inspired28.2.2017. Insect-Inspired Mechanical Resilience for Multicopters

Recently, researchers from Dario Floreano’s Lab have presented a new approach to making crash resilient quadcopters – making them soft, so it doesn’t matter if they come into contact with their surrounding environment.



six legged robot17.2.2017. Six-Legged Robots Faster than Nature-Inspired Gait






Darja TEDx10.4.2017. – EPFL’s Bioinspired Platform Coordiantor, Darja Dubravcic gave a TEDx talk: 9 million sustainable solutions





EPFL Industry Day16th March 2017. Meet us at EPFL Industry Day

If you are interested by official invitation that will allow you to scheduale one to one meetings with EPFL laboratories in the domain of Life Sciences and Engineering send an e-mail to

Full program HERE.





bioinspired materials tech apero7th March 2017. 17-20h – Technology Apero on Bioinspired Materials

EPFL room BC 420

Pitch style presentations mixed with Apero style discussions to bring industry and academia closer together around the topic of Bioinspired Materials

Confirmed speakers: A.Studart (ETHZ), Y.Leterrier (EPFL), H.Fraunerath (EPFL), L.Thevenaz (EPFL)

More information:

Registeration link

Co-organized by: EPFL Bioinspired Platform and CCMX


2.2.2017. EPFL Bioinspired Platform was present at STIL with a stand, photo exhibition and a series of talks

For this occasion Luzern Zeitung interviiewed prof Yves Leterrier on bioinspired tutrle shell skis, made with Stockli, and Dimitrios Terzis on his biocement made from bacteria.,11030



morge gymnasium30.1.2017. Ten students from Morge Gymnasium choose biomimicry for the topic of their “travail de maturité” . With their biology teachers they came to EPFL to meet researchers working on bioinspired materials and robotics; prof Yves Leterrier, David Bonzon and Alessandro Crespi. We whish them lots of success in heir work and are looking forward to seeing the results!


 reptile robot cameras26.1.2017. EPFL Reptil like robots uesd as cameras in the BBC wild life documentary. (Biorobotics Lab)

Read more here:



LIP bird flying robot16.12.2016. A drone that flies like a bird
A small and lightwieght drone inspired by bird wing structure was developed by EPFL Laboratory for Intelligent Systems. The foldable bird wing like structure gives the robot higher agility and permits it to adapt to changing wind conditions.
19.12.2016 – Podcast and Article on on Bioinspired Resaerch
by EPFL prof. Auke Ijspeert, Bioinspired Project Coordinator Darja Dubravcic and other scinetists from NCCR Bioinspired Materials and ETHZ

9-11th Decemebr 2016.Co-lab Biomaterials workshop

The workshop aims at bringing students from science and design together around a collaborative projects focused on biomaterials.

Co-organized by: EPFL Bioinspired Projects, Hacuarium, Open Science School








11-13.11.2016. – Global Conference on Biomimicry and Bioinspired Innovation, Utrecht, Netherlands

5.-6.11.2016. – Workshops, talks and expositions on biomimicry at the EPFL Open Days. Coorganized by EPFL Bio-inspired Projects Platform, EPFL Photo Club and Biomimicry Switzerland.




10.2016. Technologist Magazine featured Bioinspired Innovation theme at it’s front page.

Full article takes you on the journey across Europe to all the leading bioinspired researchers, from materials and architecture to robotics and medicine. A stop was made at EPFL to visit prof.Auke Ijspeert’s Biorobitcs Lab








13-14.10.2016. – Hello Tomorrow Summit, Paris

Soft robots that mimic human muscles

12.10.2016. – An EPFL team is developing soft, flexible and reconfigurable robots. Air-actuated, they behave like human muscles and may be used in physical rehabilitation. They are made of low-cost materials and could easily be produced on a large scale.



First EPFL workshop on Nature’s strategies for Engineering and Design!

For this occasion we have the privledge to have with us France Bourely, biologist and world recognized photographer. You will get the chance to learn about nature’s design through her unique way of looking at organisms, amazing photography and natural samples!

Join us for a 2h evening fierwork of ideas!

Time: 11th October 2016, 18:30-22h

Place: BC 02 room

Registration mandatory: HERE – due to limited numebr of places privledged access will be given to EPFL students


 10.9.2016 – EPFL spin off Sthar launched a website that shows stunning visual representaions of human road networks. Strcuk by the similarities with natural network



24-25. 8. 2016. – Bioinspired Innovation and Finance Summit, Zurich


22-25.8.2016. – RTS 1 show CQFD made two episodes on Biomimicry with EPFL’s professors Veronique Michaud and Yves Leterrier from LTC lab, joined by Darja Dubravcic, EPFL’s Bioinspired Projects Coordinator. We talked about bio-inspired materials and our bioinspired platform.

29.06.16 – Based on X-ray videos, EPFL scientists have invented a new robot that mimics the way salamanders walk and swim with unprecedented detail. More information in the follwoing article.

8-9.6.2016.Melissa Workshop, Lausanne

23.5.2016., 14h, room ME B3 33 – How wind models tree architercture, talk by prof. Christophe Eloy from IRPHE Université Marseille

19.5.216. 18:30h, room CM5 –  Introductory talk on Biomimicry for EPFL students by Darja Dubravcic, EPFL Bio-inspired Projects Coordiantor, organized by One Tree for Climate student association

2.4.2016. EPFL’s Bio-inspired projects are podcasted on RTS 2 program “Babylon” dedicated to Biomimicry. Listen to the program on podcast

21.4.2016. Call for registration and talk/poster submission for Workshop on bio-inspired nanosystems for energy conversion in Berlin. Deadline for registration 16.5.2016., to Klaus Kuhnke (

4.4.2016. prof Veronique Michaud from LPCT lab talks about her lates design of “Ski design inspired by turtle scales” 

1.-2.4.2016. – Thought For Food Global Summit, Zurich

Spider silk thread as a fiber optic chemical sensor – work from Group from Fiber Optics featured as a news article at SPIE (

2. 2016 – Great TED talk by prof Auke Ijspeert form BioRobot Lab A robot that runs and swims like a salamander.

12.2.2016., Thesis defence – Towards biomimetic behavior of an active deployable tensegrity structure

10-12. 2. 2016. – Lift Conference, Geneva

8..2.2016. . Seminar-  Biomimetic 4D Printing

8..2.2016.- Cancer: banana peels can help identify the stages of melanoma

6.-7. 11. 2015. – Biomimicry Camp, Majorca, Spain