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EPFL’s Bioinspired Projects Platform assembles research laboratories and educational initiatives that use remarkable properties of living organisms to solve real world challenges.

Bio or nature inspired innovation is an approach that seeks solutions to human challenges within the natural world. It is a scientific approach based on mathematics, physics and chemistry of life. Its solutions are the result of 3.8 billion years of evolutionary selection and fine tuning and represent the most advanced, creative and sustainable solution to conditions on planet Earth. Bioinspired thinking draws upon that knowledge in order to create disruptive innovation for cleaner and greener future.

Upcoming Events

bioinspired roboticsBioinspired Robotics Seminar, 26th June 2018, 15-17h, at EPFL, BC 420

Special guest: Elias Knubben, Festo’s Head of Bionics Projects

Join us to learn how researchers and companies and are getting inspired by nature to create robots with autonomous movement that respond and adapt to their environment. More information and registration:  https://bioinspired.epfl.ch/page-150930-en.html

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